Colt + Tori’s Wedding Day

Colt + Tori. February 17th, 2018. The most perfect wedding day ever– rain and all! Colt and Tori have been friends of ours for many years now, and it has been the sweetest thing watching them grow together. Not many people can say that they were middle school sweethearts and stuck it out. I guess when you “know,” you just know! They will have the coolest story to tell their kids and grandkids one day. They are always laughing together (Colt has the jokes up his sleeve), which is the key to it all in my opinion. Anyways, we love and adore you both and are so very happy to have been apart of this amazing day in your lives. I hope you love and cherish these photos forever! ❤


Colossians 3:14: “And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.”


-Laklin & (Nick)DSC_8096.jpgDSC_8129.jpgDSC_8149.jpgDSC_8130.jpgDSC_8086.jpgDSC_0693.jpgDSC_8110.jpgDSC_8167.jpgDSC_8179.jpgDSC_8186.jpgDSC_8188-2.jpgDSC_8190-2.jpgDSC_8197DSC_8209.jpgDSC_8212.jpgDSC_8905.jpgDSC_8318.jpgDSC_8321.jpgDSC_8268.jpgDSC_0743.jpgDSC_8656.jpgDSC_8333.jpgDSC_8366.jpgDSC_8374.jpgDSC_8809.jpgDSC_8841.jpgDSC_8875.jpgDSC_8890.jpgDSC_8903.jpgDSC_8571.jpgDSC_8578.jpgDSC_8588.jpgDSC_8604.jpgDSC_8572.jpgDSC_8636.jpgDSC_8626.jpgDSC_8692.jpgDSC_8675.jpgDSC_8681.jpgDSC_8708.jpgDSC_8909.jpgDSC_9002.jpgDSC_8949.jpgDSC_8970.jpgDSC_8973.jpgDSC_8983.jpgDSC_8928DSC_8929DSC_8994.jpgDSC_1114.jpgDSC_8997.jpgDSC_9052.jpgDSC_1162.jpgDSC_9044.jpgDSC_9100.jpgDSC_9133.jpgDSC_9170.jpgDSC_9218.jpgDSC_9219.jpgDSC_9217.jpgDSC_9245.jpgDSC_9173.jpgDSC_9265DSC_9270

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