Maggie + Patrick

Maggie + Patrick. Oh how I love this couple and their character! They are full of light, laughter, and fun. They  came to Chattanooga to have a city-style engagement shoot, and it turned out to be one of my favorites to date. We had so much fun running around town and exploring new places. You [...]


Georgia. Isn't she lovely? Not only that, but she's beautiful inside and out!  Her smile is captivating, and her love for life attitude is contagious. I couldn't wait to share this special session with you guys. She rocked the entire thing. I wish you the very best, Georgia! You will do amazing things. I hope [...]

Zac + Amanda

Zac + Amanda. They are pure bliss. They are full of laughter. They cherish one another. They value one another. They write love letters. They cry. They carry lucky rocks in their pockets. They know that the little things in life mean the most. They love the farm life. They also love their families dearly. [...]


This shoot was so much fun. It was definitely the most adventurous I've ever been as far as location (lol). We scaled the mountain cracks and crannies and discovered our very own "secret garden" while also trekking on beautiful abandoned depths of old factory soil. Jessilynn  is the sweetest thing (and is drop dead gorgeous)! [...]

Lance + Cassie

What an honor it was to photograph one of my sweet friends from high school and her forever love! This wedding day was magical. The weather couldn't have been any more perfect, and to top it all off, we were staying in the cutest little cabin tucked between the most beautiful water landscape. Cassie + [...]

Colton + Paige

Colton + Paige. They are genuine and kind to one another. It was amazing to experience the strong, forever kind of bond that these two share. They have that twinkle in their eyes. I always have a feeling that I get when I just know that two people are made for one another, and I've [...]

Teddy + Deejay

March 18th, 2017. The rolling green hills, breezy weather and romantic sunset made for the most perfect day ever. Teddy + Deejay are so unique and I love their chemistry.  From watching them become nervous about saying their vows in front of one another, to seeing the adorable way that they look at each other and [...]